Before Updating the theme PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING.

Because this is a Major update and actually a core changes are made so please check the following points:

— We recommend you take a backup from the old theme folder and IT-RAYS Shortcodes plugin folder before processing the update.

— Please UPDATE IT-RAYS Shortcodes Plugin after updating the theme directly.

— Please take a backup from your widgets data such as “twitter user, Flicker ID” as this is enhanced in the new widgets and you may loose them after update.

After updating the theme and the plugins, you will find some elements in your site not showing ( Don’t worry ) they are just now having options in the theme options page and you will just need to open the theme options and show them.

Things that will be changed after update:

— Back to top button not showing ?

— Blog listing data not showing ?

— Blog single date not showing ?

—> go to theme options and you just need to show them and save options, and all things will come back again.

— Some widgets are not showing ?

—> we have enhanced some widgets and added new options to work better and you just need to add the missing fields and all will work.

The Change Log :

Version 3.0.0 02/12/2019

Theme Options:

  1. Added option to show / hide Back to top button.
  2. Added option to change site links color.
  3. Added option for Horizontal / vertical site padding.
  4. Added option to change sidebar width.
  5. Added option for top / bottom content padding.
  6. Added option to choose Retina logo & Sticky header logo.
  7. Added option to change menu items spacing.
  8. Added option to change dropdown menu width.
  9. Added option to show / hide main menu items icons.
  10. Added option to show / hide sub menu items icons.
  11. Added option to change Read More text in Blog listing.
  12. Added option to enable / disable blog listing content format.
  13. Added option to limit blog listing content characters number (excerpt length).
  14. Added option to show / hide “Post icon, post title, post category, date, author, etc…” in blog listing.
  15. Added option to show / hide “Post icon, post category, tags, date, author, etc…” in blog Single post.
  16. Added option to change max. Number of words instead of excerpt in blog listing.
  17. Added option to import / export theme options.


  1. Added login widget.
  2. Added Image & Text widget.
  3. Added Instagram widget.
  4. Added Shortcode widget.
  5. Added MailChimp newsletters widget.
  6. Added new option for each widget to use extra CSS class to apply custom styles for individual widget.

Typography Changes: 

— We changed the main theme color and also some font styles and this is for better typography and to be up-to-date with the new design trends.